We are Cool

Outdoor and Team Building Activities

Regarding outdoor activities, we can give you several examples.

Either you choose group engagement games or more extreme activities, the goal is to have a great time and enhance personal relationships.

Here some objectives / missions of our Teambuilding Events:

· To Explore the dynamics of each individual and groupwise;
· Having fun! A group that is happy is more motivated in a given workplace: motivation is the keyword;
· To develop, through several activities, the inter-relationship within co-workers, contributing for the harmony at work and fulfillment of objectives.

The final result will be a new team of excellence based on solidarity and trust.

Alternate Activities

• Challenger – Extreme Activities,
inserted in a double or triple stage
challenge. (Slide, Rappel, Tirolesa,
Rope Bridge, among other activities)
• Mountain Bike
• Paintball
• Orientation (disorientate and redirect)


Entertainment Activities

• Multi-activities and Workshops
• “Thematic” dinners (mystery,
police, historical...)
• Donkeys Polo
• Pedal boat races


Traditional Activities

• Direct competition Gymkanas
• Traditional Games (Chinquilho,Jogo
do Burro, Petanca…)



• Canyoning
• Rafting
• Paragliding
• Quad
• Jeep Rides
• Water Balls



• Peddy-paper
• Karting
• Multi-activities