Malkovich says he has fallen in love with Lisbon and Fado


Lisbon is steadily gaining admirers and occupy, increasingly, a place in the hearts of tourists. The American actor John Malkovich is one of the most passionate foreigners for the Portuguese capital.
In an interview conducted by Lisbon City Council, Malkovich said his first passage in Lisbon happened when director Paul White invited him in 1995 to star in the film "The Convent".
"I loved it immediately. I love Lisbon, it's all very beautiful, the people are great and [the city] is a feast for the eyes. Always loved being in Lisbon," he confesses. He praises also the geography of capital as well as its landscapes, architecture, colors, the hills, the river and of course the food.
"It's a very cultural city and the food is great," says the American, who admits to being a big fan of fado and, in particular, of its most representative singer: Amalia Rodrigues. "Just yesterday I was listening to Amalia while riding the bike in the gym," he says.

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