Cool Packs

See more for less! Enjoy our discounts when purchasing combined sightseeing tours packages. The more you travel with us, the more you save!

I LOVE LISBON: Lisbon City Tour + Fado240€
Pack 1: Sintra + Lisbon City Tour225€
Pack 2: Sintra + Fátima260€
Pack 3: Fátima + Knight Templars OR Évora285€
Pack 4: Sintra + Lisbon City Tour + Knight Templars OR Évora350€
Pack 5: Sintra + Fátima + Knight Templars OR Évora385€
Pack 6: Sintra + Lisbon City Tour + Knight Templars + Évora450€
Pack 7: Sintra + Fátima + Knight Templars + Évora485€


  • Prices quoted are for two persons (minimum required for the purchase of these packages).
  • These tours are NOT private, we accumulate discounts depending on the number of tours you want to do.

Reservations always require confirmation .
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