This tour is entirely dedicated to Sintra and an incredible dive into some of the most iconic monuments of its landscape. As Lord Byron once said, Sintra is «atrue glorious Garden of Eden» which is an understatement. Everything in Sintra seems to have come out of a fairy tale, and surprisingly unspoilt by time, despite being a touristic hotspot. But this tour is also for those who seek something different and authentic.

We start this journey en route to Sintra. Upon arrival, we explore its historic center and see the Sintra National Palace, the best preserved medieval royal palace in the country, with its Manueline and Moorish styles.

It’s now time to see the Convento dos Capuchos, a Franciscan convent at the very heart of the Sintra hills, built according to the ideals of the Order of St. Francis of Assisi: the search for spiritual perfection by renouncing the pleasures associated with earthly life and seeking integration with the surrounding nature. 

Don’t worry, that introspection won’t last long, since we will have a delicious meal in a traditional Portuguese restaurant with regional delicacies. After lunch, it’s time to see the world-famous Pena Palace. It’s practically a visual synonym for Sintra, with its vibrant colors and fusion of styles. The fact it is nested on top of the hill also enhances its mystical aura, especially when it’s surrounded by fog, which is not uncommon.

Time to return to Lisbon, as we drive along the Marginal Avenue and see the beautiful coastline connecting the capital to Cascais.


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Image Gallery

  • Cascais Bay
    Cascais Bay
  • Cabo Roca
    Cabo Roca
  • Sintra Palace
    Sintra Palace
  • Sintra village
    Sintra village
  • Regaleira Palace
    Regaleira Palace
  • Regaleira Palace statue
    Regaleira Palace statue
  • Regaleira Palace gardens
    Regaleira Palace gardens
  • Masonry influence
    Masonry influence
  • Regaleira Palace chapel
    Regaleira Palace chapel
  • Regaleira chapel stained glass window
    Regaleira chapel stained glass window
  • Fireplace with game hunting motive
    Fireplace with game hunting motive
  • Pena Palace
    Pena Palace
  • Pena Palace
    Pena Palace
  • Jerónimos Monastery
    Jerónimos Monastery

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