We are Cool

  • PedroPedro

    Pedro The Dynamic

    He’s the definition of ‘Cool’.  Always in a great mood, funny and stylish he occasionally loves to go fishing by the ocean, specially sea breams. Founder, strategist, guide and motorcycle enthusiast, he always guarantees a fun and memorable tour! Buckle up!

  • MiguelMiguel

    Miguel The Professor

    Considered to be a Human Encyclopedia by his peers, this guy is an History Expert, fascinated by esoteric matters, the guide coordinator and also a Life Coach. Loves to talk (oh boy when he starts...) and loves to show his country and beloved Lisboa to everyone. He’s also a Bass Guitar Master.  You’ll never regret having a tour with him!

  • MihaelaMihaela

    Mihaela The Adventurer

    This gentle lady speaks 5 languages and she’s a well of wisdom and knowledge. Loves castles, caves and ancient orders like the Templars and Free Masons. Excellent at reading clients state of mind and making them comfortable, when in time of need she’s the one to rely upon. Bold and courageous like a hero, touring with Mihaela is always an adventure!

  • AndreiaAndreia

    Andreia The Zen Master

    Andreia and Cool rhyme perfectly! There has never been such a relaxed, easy going tour guide and at the same time able to convey to others so much security and calm like her. It's amazing, she actually managed once to tame a wild horse only with her presence: she’s our Crocodile Dundee! Andreia also loves history and sharing her knowledge with those who travel with her! So it’s not a surprise that her favorite program includes National Geographic documentaries and classic movies.

  • RenatoRenato

    Renato The Coach

    Multitasked.  He’s the one in charge of Communication and Marketing. He passes so much time in the office that he often speaks to imaginary friends. Football addict, he pulls his Mourinho persona, to command and guide the crew. But his tactics are world class.

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